Virtual Design

Naturecraft Custom Homes offers in-house home design services as part of our overall process. The design team focuses on creating functional living spaces and helps our clients realize their design objectives. Working as a team on all stages of design to create individualized solutions based on careful listening and exceptional design innovation. The design team also handles jobsite measurements on all remodel projects to ensure accuracy.

Virtual Design Process:

Our virtual design process allows clients to view a “pre-constructed” project via a computer model, in preparation for construction in the real world.

The design process brings efficiency to the overall project, both from a time and expense viewpoint. When the client can visualize the project more clearly during the early stages, costly changes are less likely during construction. This results in fewer surprises and ensures the client will be happier with the project outcome.

During the virtual design process, options are easily and quickly explored.

  • The Design Team views (often instantly) choices regarding the layout and aesthetics of a particular project, and identifies more of the structural and visual issues.
  • The engineers and suppliers have fewer unknowns, which saves money. 
  • The construction team them sees how the project fits together structurally, which helps in establishing a precise budget and schedule.

Suppliers and crews in the field receive 3D drawings to enable them to more quickly understand the project and prevent costly errors.

 How does the virtual design process work?

  1. The Design Team works with the client to collect design information and to gain an understanding of the site context, basic design intent and architectural program.
  2. The basic concept model is constructed, including relevant terrain and existing structures as applicable.
  3. The Design Team conducts a live walkthrough for the client and also views presentations and/or drawings, digital renderings, animation and sun studies.
  4. The Virtual Building model is developed and refined, testing various design options until the client is able to say “that’s it, that’s what we want to build!”
  5. Preliminary and final construction drawings are produced and the project moves into the contract and permit phase.


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